Are you IN for the Green & Gold Getaway?

Are you IN for the Green & Gold Getaway?

How exciting is it to be half-way through the Green and Gold Getaway?

Well, I’m really happy for all of the qualifiers so far, but there’s still a ways to go with this. This year we have been getting qualifiers two ways, either by an online registration or by listening to WSJY during the workday. When all is said and done, I’ll help award the Grand Prize on the 20th to one of our listeners, and that could still be you, ya know. It’ll be especially exciting to see the reaction of the person who wins.

For a list of all qualifiers – click HERE.

A Little Insight Into The Green And Gold Getaway Contest
It really is a great prize with accommodations, passes to a tailgate party, and of course admission to the Green Bay game for Sept. 30th against Buffalo…and because of that, it takes a little work to get in on this. We try not to make things too hard to be a part of contest, and this year I think we are offering a happy medium. If you’ll remember last year, we would ask you to meet us at a sponsor’s location on a random day and register for a couple of hours. The major setback we would hear about was how some people could not be at the remote broadcast and that made it hard to register, let alone qualify. Now, you’ll still need to be present to win the grand prize and station prizes during our finale party at Pettit’s Countryview in Milton on September 20th, but at least getting you qualified is more accessible. You could listen during what we call the “workday”, and that’s Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm, and listens for numerous sounders giving you a cue to call-in on our listener lines and be the correct caller to get qualified. Also we’re providing an online qualification this year. Just register at our site and on Fridays during the contest we draw twelve random qualifiers from those who enter. Not bad, not bad at all and all you gotta do after that is show up to the finale and hope we pick your name for the big prize! …we also hope you’ll enjoy some of the other prizes too.

One more thing, one of the reasons we go back to Pettit’s Countryview for contests and finales? …they have good food. 😉