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New Coke Is Back For A Limited Time, One Man’s Tale

Why are people saying “no thanks” to the possibility of having the 1985 coke formula back for a limited time!?! Unless this is a major success, I believe this is only going to be an extremely limited thing. The tie in with the new season with “Stranger Things” is brilliant. The new season starts July…read more »

smartphone over heap of dollar on white

Why 35 Percent Of Americans Feel Pressure To Overspend

The saying “Keeping up with the Joneses” used to mean that you felt the need to keep up with the neat stuff your neighbors seemed to be acquiring at steady pace. These days with social media, it’s the need to keep up with, not just you neighbors, but even your closest friends and family. That…read more »

Coffee beans

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

I don’t love coffee, I just like coffee. I like to drink coffee in the morning to wake me up. It’s true, it works, and after 2 full mugs I usually stop there. I may make more coffee later in the afternoon, but not always. After seeing this article I think it’s time to back…read more »

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Americans are Bored 131 Days a Year

How can we possibly be bored? We’ve got nearly every song ever recorded by any major artist two clicks away. Movies on the go, as long as your phone is fully charged. You could probably kill a couple of hours just going through all the pictures you’ve ever taken on your phone. Even from two…read more »

Hand holding a capsule or pill in medical gloves, on black background.

Drug Makers Will Have To Put Prices In TV Ads

I used to like watching the Evening news. As part of someone in the media, I understand that ads have to be part of the programming to watch a “free” show on Network TV, but these medication ads are ridiculous. Two minutes of a family getting ready for an activity while the announcer reads off…read more »

Eric Stone

Eric Stone Weekday Mornings – 5-10am

I’ve been working in radio for nearly 25 years, seven of them hosting the morning show for 107.3 WSJY. Having my Dad in radio may have had an influence for getting into broadcasting. 😉

I started right out of high School and ran board for Cubs baseball on 1290 WIRL. I quickly became more involved with recording weather forecasts and cutting commercials, and before I knew it, I had an afternoon air shift on 106.9 WSWT. I later moved to Stevens Point and worked three years for 97.9 WSPT were I met my wife, Melanie. I then looked for a job in Southern Wisconsin, and that’s where I found an afternoon shift on WSJY.

We started a family and now have three wonderful boys that keep us on our toes. Before long, I became the morning host for one of the biggest signals in the state line area and I’m happy you can join me weekday mornings on 107.3 for Southern Wisconsin’s best music variety.

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