Rock River Update

Rock River Update

The Rock River at Watertown is still in the action stage. Its now predicted to be in minor flooding by next Thursday.

Jefferson is at 9.9 feet this morning. Its expected to the minor flooding stage of 10 feet today, and moderate flooding of 11 feet Monday. Its now predicted to peak at 11.7 feet Wednesday.

Fort Atkinson is at 15 and a half feet this morning, in the action stage, and still expected to peak at 16 feet, the minor flooding stage, early next week.

Lake Koshkonong is at now at 9.3 feet, in the action stage. Its expected to hit 10 feet, minor flooding, Sunday, and peak at 10 and a half feet early next week, below moderate flooding.

The National Weather Service river forecasts are based on past precipitation, and expected precipitation for the next 48 hours, only.