Top Commercials From This Year’s Big Game

Top Commercials From This Year’s Big Game

Well the Super Bowl has come and gone once again. Teams were cheered for, buffalo wings were eaten, and maybe more importantly; commercials were watched.

This year we had everything from Marvel movie trailers to a commercial for Google Home that made you cry into plate full of buffalo chicken dip. But what commercials really stood out? Well I considered myself an expert on few things, but commercials, now commercials are where my expertise really shines. So let’s go through my personal favorite commercials from this year’s Super Bowl.

5) Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans

Boy oh boy did this one offer a lot. It was equal parts hilarious and horrifying. Watching the hunk of a man we know as Jason Mamoa go from ripped superhero to skinny, balding man, was WILD. I officially lost it we he took off his “wig” to reveal his flowing locks weren’t all we thought they’d be.

4) Jeep – Groundhog Day

Next we see the legendary Bill Murray relive Groundhog’s Day once again, this time with a fun twist. We stumble upon all the things that happened when Bill was reliving the day over and over until he discovers a pretty orange Jeep. What follow next is a series of adventures with our favorite rodent that any Groundhog Day fan will appreciate.

3) Hyundai Sonata Smaht Pahk

Listen, any time you’re going to include one of my favorite athletes, two of my favorite actors, and one of the funniest women of all time into a commercial; I’m gonna be sold. This commercial is meant to feature the Sonata’s new Smart Park feature (which is wicked awesome by the way), but instead relies on heavily over-the-top Boston accents from┬áJohn Krasinski (Jim from the Office), Chris Evans (Captain America), and Rachel Dratch from SNL. Boston Red Sox legend David “Big Papi” Ortiz even makes an appearance.

2) Amazon Alexa

In this one Ellen Degeneres and wife Portia de Rossi ask a simple question: “What did people do before Alexa?”. What follows next is a trip through time that involves throwing inflamed logs out of windows, playing music through a jug, and even a dragon. Combine it all with a “fake news” joke and you’ve got one of the best ads of the year.

1) Doritos Dance Off

This to me is the hands down winner for best Super Bowl ad of 2020. It’s got everything: last year’s breakout star Lil Nas X, the legendary Sam Elliot, and dancing horses. The ad starts with Elliot and Lil Nas X in a wild west style dance off over a big of Doritos. Who wins? You’ll have to watch to find out!