Places To Visit Without Leaving Your Couch!

Places To Visit Without Leaving Your Couch!

Amid the closings of many tourist attractions, people are left having to trade in their vacations for time at home. While some people seem to be enjoying the extra time in their pajamas, many are still left feeling disappointed that their travel plans have been cancelled.

Luckily, there’s still a way for you to feel like you’ve gone on a trip, despite not having left your couch. Many attractions have started offering virtual tours and live-streams of their attractions, so you can still view what they have to offer.

From museums to zoos to aquariums, almost every place you had hoped to visit now has live-stream links.

Personally, I’d recommend viewing the Georgia Aquarium webcams. I’ve been watching those almost daily for 4 years now because they are the only aquarium with Whale Sharks (my favorite animal).

I suspect more attractions to jump on the live-stream craze soon, but if you follow this click here, you’ll find a list of 20 different places you can view via webcams!