5 Healthy Habits to Develop When Working From Home!

5 Healthy Habits to Develop When Working From Home!

In wake of Tony Evers ordering non-essential businesses in Wisconsin to close, many people are working from home for the first time on a consistent basis. This transition of working in an office to your couch can be really tricky, especially with the many different distractions that come with working from home.

For the majority of us, working from home requires a lot of focus, willpower and creating healthy habits to stay on top of home and work life. So to help, what I’ve done here is provide you with 5 healthy habits to have when working from home!

The first is to develop a morning routine. It’s so tempting to just wake up a couple minutes before you’re supposed to be at work, roll out of bed and onto the computer. However, if you just jump out of bed and online, you’re more likely to get less accomplished because you’re not in the head-space of “being at work.” The easiest way to get in the mindset of working is to stick to the current morning routine you have, but tailoring towards working at home!

The next is to open a window. I know this one sounds kind of silly, but it really can change your mood for the day. When working from home, you’re stuck inside. By opening the window and letting fresh air in, you’re able to experience a little bit of outside without leaving your desk. Additionally, letting the fresh air in and the stale air in your house out comes with quite a few health benefits!

Another habit you’ll want to develop is move around! We spend so much of our time sitting while working, this can lead to you feeling groggy and worn down. By moving around, you’re also giving your brain a break from working (at least for a few minutes!).

Speaking of giving your brain a break, take planned breaks. Set a schedule up for yourself to follow throughout the day, with breaks, so you don’t start to feel bogged down. That said, don’t take an excessive amount of breaks, and try to keep it in line with what you would normally do in the office.

And lastly, remove your distractions. When working from home, it’s almost impossible to not get directed by something. So, cut out the distractions you can. No social media, games, chores or other entertainment while you’re trying to work.