5 Video Chat Themes You Should Try!

5 Video Chat Themes You Should Try!

In these times of social distancing, we find ourselves looking for any opportunity to be in contact with the ones we love. This of course means we’re making more phone calls, sending more texts and getting creative about the ways we can see each other. 

Among my group of friends, we’ve been trying to figure out the best way to feel connected with each other, without breaking the “6 Feet” rule. So, we’ve come up with a couple of ideas to make video chatting more fun!

Coming up we have a Wine Night set up as well as a brunch. This got me thinking, how else could we theme our video chats? So, I made a list and here are my top 5 themes (excluding Wine Night and Brunch) for video chatting!

5 – The Quiz Show

Each video chat attendee creates a quiz about themselves and everyone else has to try and get the questions right. Set it up like a real quiz show where you have to make a fun sound (as your buzzer) to compete and see who knows who best!

4 – The Bake Off

Choose a recipe ahead of time and set a time limit, who’s ever finished product turns out best wins. My favorite part about The Bake Off is even if your item doesn’t win, you’re still left with a yummy snack!

3 – The Pajama Party Sleepover

Nobody wants to change out of their pajamas right now, especially not for a video chat. Each attendee “shows up” in their pajamas, popcorn is optional, and chat like you’re at a sleepover! Watching movies is recommended, but not required. 

2 – The Halloween Party

Dress up in your favorite Halloween costume and eat some candy while you chat! If you have some, set up some Halloween decorations in the background to add to the ambiance of it all. 

1 – Game Night

You can play any game you want, but I highly suggest Charades or Pictionary because to try and play a card game or a board game would be tricky. That said, if you figure it out please let me know so I can try!