Healthy Snack Bites Even Your Kids Will Love!

Healthy Snack Bites Even Your Kids Will Love!

I’ve always loved frozen yogurt. When I was younger I used to make my mom buy me Go-Gurts and I would freeze them, turning them into my own frozen yogurt popsicles. 

While I still do that from time to time, I prefer making my frozen yogurt now, rather than just putting a Go-Gurt in the freezer. 

I found this recipe a couple years back and though, that with the warming weather, now would be the perfect time to share it!

The recipe comes from Pillsbury and it’s called Fro-Yo Swirl Bites!

They suggest using strawberry, key lime pie, mountain blueberry and orange cream flavored yogurts, but you can easily swap those out for any flavor you like! A lot of the time, I just make a ton of strawberry and blueberry swirls!

You can find the recipe and nutrition ingredients by following the link here!