A Summer Schedule to Keep The Kids Entertained!

A Summer Schedule to Keep The Kids Entertained!

This is my first summer since 8th grade that I’m not spending every day babysitting. I’d go in around 7 am and leaved around 7 pm. While I made pretty good money, it was really exhausting until I got the kids on a schedule. Feel free to swap out the days or use your own ideas, but this is how I laid out every week to keep 3 kids, aged 4-12, entertained every day!

Make It Monday

  • Craft Projects
    • get supplies from the Dollar Tree or Walmart for cheaper crafts!

Learning Tuesday

  • Library activities, reading, kid-friendly animal documentaries

Water Wednesday

  • Sprinklers, water balloons and squirt guns!

Take a Trip Thursday

  • Trips to the park/playground, beach or whatever else was open and cheap.
    • Back in the day (before COVID) we went to a lot of dollar movies and library programs

Foodie Friday

  • Make a new recipe, go out to eat, or just eat something special (i.e their favorite food)