A Deep Dive Into Taylor Swift’s New Album

A Deep Dive Into Taylor Swift’s New Album

It was a surprise even to me, a life long Swiftie who spends a lot of time keeping up with what Taylor Swift is up to. I had predicted Taylor would drop a new album around January or December, but much to my surprise and everyone else’s, Taylor dropped a surprise album last Friday. Without any promotions, Swift has already sold 1.3 Million copies of her 8th studio album Folklore.

I have spent all my free time listening to the new album and it is amazing. Lyrically and vocally it’s very strong, but it also tells a story. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss out on the big picture of the album because though all the songs make a story, the story doesn’t follow the order of the album.

You should know, all these are how I, and many members in the swiftie community, understand the album and only some of it has been confirmed by Taylor herself.

Songs about Betty and James:

  • The 1
  • Cardigan
  • Illicit Affairs
  • Hoax
  • Betty
  • Seven
  • Exile

A high school couple, whom Swift made up,  who goes through the heartbreak of an affair. The 1, Cardigan, and Hoax I believe, are from Betty’s point of view. Whereas Illicit AffairsBetty, and Seven are from James’ point of view. And I think Exile is from both perspectives. It’s also fun to think about Exile as the continuation of Wildest Dreams off her 1989 album.

Songs about her former record label Big Machine Records:

  • My Tears Ricochet
  • Mad Woman (also hints of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West)

While they sound like breakup songs, diving into the lyrics it’s easy to see it’s about the betrayal she faced from people she thought she could trust.

Songs about her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn:

  • August
  • Invisible String

Cute songs that shed as little light into their very private relationship

Songs about her journey through music and fame:

  • Mirrorball
  • This is Me Trying
  • Peace

These songs all talk about how she’s afraid of not being enough anymore because she’s no longer the young pop star she was. Very sad given that we know Taylor will always be a superstar.

Songs from imaginative perspectives: 

  • The Last Great American Dynasty – About the different owners of Taylor’s house
  • Epiphany – From the perspective of a veteran

As for my favorite songs, I’m super obsessed with Betty, The Last Great American Dynasty and August