I Just Got Tested for COVID-19 and Here’s What Happened

I Just Got Tested for COVID-19 and Here’s What Happened

I want to start this off by saying that yes, I am at home away from everyone at the studio. Maintaining my distance and using lots of hand sanitizer.

Last night, my boyfriend, who I live with, said he wasn’t feeling well. I gave him some Advil and we chalked it down to a headache. This morning, he woke up and said he felt like he was dying. I took his temperature and sure enough, he had a fever of 102.2.

At that point we figured given his symptoms he’s either got the flu or the coronavirus, and we’re really hoping it’s the flu. But after a face time meeting with his doctor, who recommended he and I both get tested, we went to the free testing at the valiant energy center in Madison.

We pre-registered before we left, as it was recommended on their website. The longest part of the process was driving to the center. They split the cars into two sections, pre-registered and not pre-registered, so we got to go in the fast track lane.

I was pretty nervous for the procedure. Basically they take this super long q-tip and stick it up both of your nostrils. I sneeze a lot because o my allergies so I was really scared I was going to accidentally sneeze when it was shoved up my nose. Luckily, I didn’t and the only thing that really happened was my eyes watered a lot.

We find out our results in 3-5 days.

I wanted to share this with you in case you’re scared o going to get tested. It was really easy and not painful, mostly just uncomfortable. I’ve also linked the testing information in this blog to make it easier for you.