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Will Yun Lee is proud of ‘The Good Doctor”s positive prognosis

ABC/Art Streiber(NEW YORK) — Actor Will Yun Lee isn’t a doctor, but, as the old saw goes, he plays one on TV — and as he jokes to ABC Audi, that’s good enough for his parents. Lee has been in huge films, including The Wolverine opposite Hugh Jackman, and he returns Thursday as Takeshi Kovacs [KO-vahch] on the second season…read more »

“Wake up, Neo” — ‘Matrix 4’ explosions, choppers keep San Fransisco residents awake

Photo by Warner Brothers/Getty Images(SAN FRANSISCO) — Over the weekend, residents of downtown San Francisco were rattled, some literally, by explosions and helicopters, all for filming the fourth Matrix film. According to video captured by the Daily Mail, low-flying choppers dodged skyscrapers, with others capturing the pyrotechnics show, which sent massive fireballs into the sky…read more »

Report: Marvel TV vet to helm new ‘Star Wars’ project

Lucasfilm(LOS ANGELES) — A new Star Wars feature is in the works with Sleight director J.D. Dillard and Luke Cage and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. writer Matt Owens, according to Deadline, although it has yet to be determined whether it’ll land on Disney+ or the big screen.  Marvel’s Luke Cage ran for two seasons on Netflix.…read more »

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