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I Miss You On Phone Meaning Sad Longing Relationship

These Days It’s The Kids Telling Mom Or Dad To Put Their Cellphone Down

I hope my three boys never feel like my cellphone is more important than them…ever! Don’t regret your time with your children down the road just to see your best friend’s parents vacation photos on social media. Your phone won’t give you that time back. Go play Mousetrap with them or something. Here’s a study…read more »

Eric Stone Bugs

Plastic Costumes Used To Be Everywhere For Halloween

OMG, I was Casper the Friendly Ghost, Bugs Bunny, Spider-man, Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back and a few other characters. The simple vinyl costumes from makers like Collegeville Costumes, Halco, and Ben Cooper (being THE most famous) made preparing trick-or-treating easy. Rarely did they come with three or more pieces, but otherwise you had…read more »


Great Grandparents Make It A Special Day For Grandson’s Birthday

The sweetest thing for any Pixar fan. A 5-year-old boy in Colorado who loves the Pixar movie “UP” had his great-grandparents dress up as characters from the film for his birthday. The boy was dressed as Russell while his great-grandparents were dressed as Carl and Ellie Fredricksen. Here’s a link to the original article from…read more »

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Owned The Weekend

And just like that…in 3 days, Taylor Swift has the top selling album of 2019. In 2 days alone she sold a half million copies. She was also featured on CBS’s Sunday Morning program yesterday. She is a very confident person, and knows how to make a hit album. She also is the main person…read more »

Kid Icarus NES

Retro Gaming Treasure Unearthed, Sealed Game Could Get $10K

I still like to drag out my Atari and Nintendo from time to time. There are still levels I have never concurred or games I’ve never played. I shouldn’t be surprised that there are others who like to do the same. Nintendo recently released mini versions of their classic NES and Super Nintendo with amazing…read more »

Eric Stone

Eric Stone Weekday Mornings – 5-10am

I’ve been working in radio for nearly 25 years, seven of them hosting the morning show for 107.3 WSJY. Having my Dad in radio may have had an influence for getting into broadcasting. 😉

I started right out of high School and ran board for Cubs baseball on 1290 WIRL. I quickly became more involved with recording weather forecasts and cutting commercials, and before I knew it, I had an afternoon air shift on 106.9 WSWT. I later moved to Stevens Point and worked three years for 97.9 WSPT were I met my wife, Melanie. I then looked for a job in Southern Wisconsin, and that’s where I found an afternoon shift on WSJY.

We started a family and now have three wonderful boys that keep us on our toes. Before long, I became the morning host for one of the biggest signals in the state line area and I’m happy you can join me weekday mornings on 107.3 for Southern Wisconsin’s best music variety.

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